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High performance rubber surfaces.

We produce high-performance rubber surfaces that are ideal for the floors of schools, offices, hospitals and indoor public spaces.

Our high-performance rubber surfaces combine flexibility and durability, providing an ideal flooring solution for intensive use areas. Thanks to its non-slip and shock absorbing properties, it provides safe and comfortable use in schools, offices and hospitals.

These surfaces, which meet hygiene standards with their antibacterial and easy-to-clean structure, offer economic advantages with their long life and low maintenance requirements.

You can find aesthetics and functionality together with our environmentally friendly production processes.

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We offer sustainable and innovative rubber flooring solutions.

Our rubber flooring stands out for its durability and eco-friendly features. With its modern design and non-slip surface, it provides both safety and comfort in high-traffic areas.

Why Choose HDM Rubber?

Better and Higher Quality Rubber Flooring Manufacturing

Wide Product Range

HDM Rubber offers a wide range of rubber products used in various industries, providing customers with numerous options.

Innovative Solutions

HDM Rubber is consistently focused on developing innovative solutions. We place great importance on R&D activities.

Customer-Centric Approach

HDM Rubber prioritizes customer satisfaction above all. By considering customer feedback, we continuously improve our products.

Years of Experience

For years, we've been doing what we know best. We invite you, our valued customers, to experience our superior expertise and service.

Custom Design for You

With our professional staff, we develop rubber mold designs in harmony with the latest technology and offer unbeatable prices.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced technology to offer innovative and high-quality rubber products. We provide reliable solutions to meet your industrial needs.

Quality EPDM Granules

Contact us now for HDM EPDM granule products of the highest quality that meet European standards.

EPDM flooring is extremely resistant to wear and sunlight, ensuring color does not fade. It provides sound and impact insulation, offering longevity. Its flexible structure reduces injuries from falls and provides comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a company that manufactures rubber and handles its application as well. For projects involving applications, our company provides both product and application guarantees.

Yes, we have TSE and ISO9001 quality certifications.

For rubber flooring to be applied, a concrete surface is essential. A smooth concrete surface extends the lifespan of the rubber flooring.

Yes, it can be applied indoors. However, the area must have ventilation or be a ventilated region. It is frequently used in gyms. It is a product that protects athlete health by eliminating potential pain in the lower leg muscles and ankles during exercise, thereby increasing the duration of workout sessions.

The average lifespan of rubber tiles is 5-10 years. This can vary depending on usage conditions and the intensity of use.

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