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All your passwords are stored in an encrypted area to prevent information loss, unauthorized use, and unauthorized alteration of information on our site. It is possible to access, modify, and update the sections where information is collected later. Information such as email address, postal address, and phone number is used solely for contact purposes during standard site membership and e-newsletter subscription processes, and these details can only be recorded in the database if visitors at the customer stage enter them into the relevant form at their own discretion.

Personal information will be used to verify the identity of our users during system logins and other necessary situations. It is not possible for another member to access or change your information. With the cancellation of the membership, all your information registered in the system will be deleted. HDM Rubber commits to not selling personal information collected during the standard procedure to third parties and/or institutions. However, HDM Rubber can provide any requested information it holds to the relevant authority within any judicial investigation documented with a research warrant.

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